This is my homebrew campaign which I’ve been working on for more than 15 years. It started as a dark fantasy setting based on twisted versions of historical civilizations around Mediterranean. Over the years the campaign expanded with more bizarre and exotic locations and cultures.

This is a work in progress.



-Exodus: In times forgotten, the ancestors of the people who formed the current human nations arrived to the lands of Kimeron from the West, crossing Black Curtain in titanic arks. They called themselves Ardaccs. What was beyond the Black Curtain, why did they leave their home, what they were running from are forgotten in the sands of time. The lands they disembarked were far from empty, however they survived and in a few centuries built a glorious empire, Samparidia, and ruled the known world for millenia.

The golden age of Samparidia is long gone, now the empire is shattered, and her old glory is a dreamy melancholia.

-Ancient: The world of Kimeron is immemorially old, it was ancient when the Ardaccs crossed the Black Curtain. Countless nations rose over the ruins of dead empires, their names forgotten. History seems more like a cycle than a line; advanced artifacts can be found on one archeological level, below them tools of a savage age, and below them some unconcievable magical relic, all from different epochs. It can be estimated that at least in one point in the past, more advanced and civilized people roamed these lands. The remnants of their culture and technology can be found in most unexpected places. And most of the time the purpose of these artifacts are mysterious or outright incomprehensible. It is quite possible they were not created by/for the entities of this world.

Nonhuman races may know more about their past than humans, however even they have conflicting mythology and unclear chronicles. The stories, folktales and the ruins themselves tell that the world belonged to giants before humans, elves and men. Before giants reptiles ruled the earth. Reptiles were slaves to titanic dragons before they were gone. Dragons fought and imprisoned deathless, incorrect horrors that are Primordials. And Elven Courts believe the Primordials were born from nightmares of the chimerical Fae Lords, but dwarves argue that the Primordials followed them during their long exodus from The Hollow, and the dwarves lost their immortality to keep them beneath the ground. Assuming all of these creation myths are true to some extent, where did the Fae and the Dwarves came from?

-Weird: Kimeron is filled with all kinds of phenomena which appears strange and incomprehensible to current folk. Some of them are due to mysteries of lost ages, but most are from the nature of the world itself. It has been discovered that during the time of Ra’al (One of the relatively better known and recognized lost empires), Kimeron was an interdimensional hub, a nexus for beings from other worlds and realms of existance. What concieved as weird now may be left from those times.

-Magic: Although impossibly advanced magical artifacts and creatures are present in the world, magic is extremely rare in terms of accessibility and daily usage. Ordinary people never see a magical item or a spell cast in their entire lives. The life of common folk is quite mundane in medieval ambiance. Users of magic, both scholarly and innate, were scorned, hunted or worse for milennia under the rule of the empire. Magic is always bizarre, alien and extraordinary.

-Evil: Ardaccs brought their faith with them, however the Kimeron had gods of her own. These Old Gods are Lovecraftian beings of evil incarnate, and old texts called them The Primordials. Some are even believed to exist in the world physically, assumed to be sleeping and dreaming. They still affect the world in their dreams. Their wake will be Kimeron’s doom. On top of that, since the days of Ra’al, creatures from other realms of existence started to show interest in Kimeron. Beings percieved as demons or devils, fae and other myriad interplanars try to access and affect the world directly or indirectly through proxies, agents and cults.

Samparidia, The Fallen Empire

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