-Realm of the Sea Kings. Strong nautic tradition.

-Founders of the kingdom were the sailors who sailed west of Black Curtain and returned. Gained independence from the Empire by a great war that lasted 30 years and changed the geography of the region by the powers of the weaponized magic and bizarre machinery.

-They revere the sleeping Primordials, titanic malevolent demigods who are believed to be physically present in Kimeron, hibernating under seas, mountains, deserts and glaciers. They empower their followers through visions and dreams. The Empire sees them as blasphemers and heretics, since they are worshipping enemies of Sampar.

-Magic is tolerated and accepted, although it is as rare as anywhere else.

-Hundreds of islands in The Archipelago, dead magic and wild magic zones, haunted moors and battlefields, remaining from the War of the Mariners.


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