Dark Clay

-A psychic ooze – doppleganger – shapechanger.

-They are rumored to be originated in The Hollow, but can be encountered on the surface world. However sunlight makes them very uncomfortable.

-Ancient enemies of dwarves. After their battles with Dark Clay and atrocities and evil they endured, dwarves are rumored to have left The Hollow en masse and travelled to surface world.

-Dark Clay murders the creature it’s going to imitate. It can never shapechange into a specific living intelligent being unless it personally killed that individual. It also absorbs some of the memories and personality traits of the slain, and very old dark clays are rumored to steal powers of their victims.

-They are sadistic and evil, and enjoy tormeting their victims psychologically for long periods of time before ending their lives.

-They can change shape into items and wait dormant, like a Mimic monster.

Dark Clay

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