Inspiration & Esthetic: Dark Ages Balkans/Eastern Europe/Transylvania/Pagan Baltic

-built upon the ruins of an nameless forgotten civilization, which seems quite obsessed with death and afterlife. Symbology of death’s head, bones, skulls, grim reaper etc. in architecture and artworks. It seems that the local folk have also taken a fancy in morbidity and mortality as can be seen in their accessories, make-up and art.

-Sullen weather, grim people

-Theatre is loved very much, bards and especially thespians are respected members of the community.

-Regions of “Thin Shroud”, where lands of the dead and lands of the living collide.

-Rich in valuable and precious minerals, especially iron, gold and diamond. Wars had been fought to control the rare resources.

-Although the land is rich in mineral resources, wearing precious jewelery and gold is a taboo for Gothmenians. The dead, however, are buried with considerable amount of jeweled accessories and trinkets crafted from pure gold. Still, only very brave (or foolish) graverobbers dare to steal from the dead here.

-Western lands are ruled by powerful “old money” families, strongest of them had been ruling Te’ar for centuries.

-Eastern lands are ruled by a dark aristocracy, rumored to be vampires and necrophages as ancient as the land.

-Eastern and western Gothmenes is seperated by a strange land, a labyrinth of giant stone blocks and waterfalls covered with wild vegetation. It is rumored that greatest of the dark creatures ruling Eastern Gothmenes can’t cross this maze, and they are prisoners in their own realms.


Samparidia, The Fallen Empire WilloWisp