Masked Wanderer

-A mysterious figure travelling lands of Kimeron. Unrest, anarchy and chaos follows his footsteps. It is not clear what he exactly is, some kind of an immortal, demigod, archmage or an outsider, demon of sorts?

-A symbol of change, lord of all kinds of shapechangers, and patron of thespians (Who are, after all, people pretending to be someone else, wearing masks real or presumed on the stage). The biggest theater in Te’ar, Gothmenes is dedicated to him, with a huge stage curtain sewn from masks.

-His appearance is always different in each encounter and story, but all of his guises have two things in common: One; he always dons a mask of one kind or another. And two: he has two twin companions with or near him, who are shapechanging entities themselves.

-Rumored to be preparing the world for the return of Primordials

Masked Wanderer

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