-A demon lord with an interest and influence in Kimeron. Its cult believes that the master consumed a billion worlds, and consuming individual souls one by one do not satisfy it anymore. To sate his apetite, entire Kimeron must be put on its plate so that he can consume all the souls on it in one bite.

-His avatar is a demonic Equine/humanoid hybrid and horse motiffs are common in its cult. Horses are revered by the cultists due to resemblence to the master.

-Demonic horses, black unicorns, kelpie and nightmares are its servants, and these monsters may answer to the summons of the cultists.

-Its realm is an endless semi-frozen ocean where nightmare herds run wild in the blizzard and nameless horrors swim in the depths under the ice.

-Other than its cult in the empire, it is revered by some frost giant tribes, some barbaric warlords in Ches and Ra’al, and white dracoliches.


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