Reptile Kingdoms

Flavor and Esthetic: Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica

-Jungle kingdom of an old Reptile Empire, fallen from grace. Similarities to Samparidia is staggering in some aspects.

-A strict caste system: Mainly; Yuan-Ti Lords (Which have a few different sub-castes depending on the pureness of serpent blood), and Lizardman slaves (Again, with a dozen sub-castes divided by physical differences of species).

-Old murals and ancient artwork and texts hint a caste above Yuan-Ti; dragons and their children, dragonborn. However, after an uprising and cataclysmic battles Yuan-Ti banished their old masters. And today, by ancient magics that bind their lineage, no dragonborn or dragon can set foot (or claw, whatever) onto these lands. Or so tell the Yuan-Ti…

-Dragonborn, humanoid children of dragons, are encountered rarely in Empire lands. They live solitary lives away from civilization, or are drifting nomads who avoid cities.

-Ambassadors and traders from reptile kingdoms may be encountered in Diomedia, mainly in Doma.

Reptile Kingdoms

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