-One of the Vassal Realms of the Samparidia Empire

-Tiefling lands. Crushed between Samparidia and Askandoth during the War of the Mariners and becoming a vast no-man’s-land between two super powers of the time, the genteel and scholarly people of Temporys made pacts (The “Invitations”) and mated with demons (Who are called “Guests” in this land) for survival. Even today, occasionally babies are born with demonic taint.

-Temporys is a land of constant wind; sometimes a gentle breeze, sometimes a storm for days. This puzzling natural(?) phenomenon is called Temporwind. Local folk is accustomed to it but foreigners and visitors may get disoriented, or worse. Locals use some gear to cover their ears during worst weathers.

-Land is dotted with colossal statues predating the arrival of Andaccs; some of them look like calcified insectoid exoskeletons, some are more abstract and almost organic, standing the test of time and constant wind like pyramids of a long forgotten faith.

-In addition, a few ancient structures of smaller size may also be encountered. Mostly they look like towers with holes, “flute minarets”, which make eerie music as the wind flows through. To what purpose they served is a mystery.

-Possibly richest realm of Samparidia, due to trade. Mercenary armies are strong enough to make neighboring lands uneasy.


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