-Eastern border lands of Gothmenes, between Diluvian Maze and Sea of Grass. Foothills are giving rise to mountains and the country is one big old pine forest with secluded valleys and isolated villages.

-Valleys are ruled by local tyrants and warlords in their castles, who bend knee to no central authority. They are cruel and uncaring rulers at best, and a great many of them are much worse. Rumors and folklore describe them as vampyres. It seems more than a coincidence that all of these petty lords are monsters.

-The settlements are small and isolated, and folk are infamous for their supersitition and lack of hospitality. Homes are warded against the vampyr and creatures that serve them. A few settlements are well protected and hidden by druidic magic.

-A druid circle is helping the locals and trying to hold the darkness back.

-The land is rich in minerals, metal and gold. Also the pinewood from the region is first class.

-The forests have endemic flora and fauna, which attracts wizards or their agents for rare botanic components and parts of unique beasts. However forests are dark and dangerous, and many a hunter or travelling merchant was lost and were never heard from again. Gods’ Road going through the land is the safest route, presumed to protect the travellers by the ancient shrines to forgotten gods and strange wards from the eastern empires on the roadside.

-Due to distance to heartlands of Samparidia and lay of the land, the Empire could not exert authority on these lands even in her golden age. One fortress near the Gods’ Road remains, with a free village around, serving the travellers. A small order of Paladins are using the fortress as the base.


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