Black Curtain

-If one sails in The Relentless Ocean from Askandoth about a month in good weather, strange things will start to happen. First mildly odd stuff (I’m sure there was fresh water in these barrels, who would fill them with sea water anyway?), then space-time anomalies (One hour of daylight, than a night with foreign stars for one hour, than sunrise again), then everything will go batshit crazy. (Everyone will start to speak in an unknown language, strange bugs will infest the ship, the sea will turn invisible showing everything inside etc.) The crew will get uneasy, then they’ll see things, and then go into a murder spree. All of this will happen before a thin dark line appears on the horizon. The storm winds will speed the silent ship full of corpses into the Black Curtain, never to be seen again.

-A wall of inky blackness and lightning blocks the west of Relentless Ocean. There is no way to go around it from by sailing south or north.

-Ancestors of Samparidians are rumored to have travelled beyond the Black Curtain, and these people used to call themselves Ardaccs. Not much else is known, or remembered. A very long time after the coming of Ardaccs, this time an imperial armada supposedly protected by divine blessings travelled beyond the Black Curtain and returned (See Askandoth). Except these two occasions, no one is known to have crossed the phenomenon, not even get closer to it than a day’s sailing distance and live to tell the tale.

-Ancient mariners of Askandoth knew ways to get close to the wall with techniques forgotten, and map the region. If anyone has their notes, it should be Cartographers’ League.

-It is rumored that Askandoth cartographers and Samparidian astronomers calculate an eastward movement in Black Curtain.

Black Curtain

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