-Capitol of Diomedia

-City with the greatest population on this side of the world from Askandoth to Sea of Grass. Very crowded, very hot, moist and sticky most of the year with occasional discomforting rain which feels like grease on skin. Polluted with garbage of masses and human waste.

-The city is laid as concentric rings, with noise, pollution and poverty increasing as one’s distance from the center increases. Each ring is clearly seperated by high stone walls and controlled gates. The innermost ring is the Tower District, where powerful spellcasters and ruling class reside and work in their tower-palaces.

-Other important landmarks are The Arena where bloodbaths were an everyday event but now more “civilized” games are being played for the last decade after the Filth Rebellion; The Imporium , a grand bazaar where one can buy anything for the right price; Houses of Mercy, a hospital complex with a gate to an undercity of lepers (Leprosium Oublette).

-Also a big neighborhood of brothels, skills and exotic beauty of Doma’s whores are famous in The Empire.

-There are no temples, and building and operating a temple to any god or religion, including Sampar, is forbidden by law. Clergy and monks are allowed to visit, though they will be expelled if religious propaganda is observed. However there are semi-secret shrines in the slums of the outer ring to most of the gods of the land.

-Members of the Imperial Inqusition are killed on sight if caught.

-Mage caste is generally pompous, snob and vain, rarely mixing with public. But when they hit the streets, it is a sight to behold; always dressed in a weird and colorful style, travelling in palanquins or on backs of exotic beasts, with a small army of guards, excessively painted-tattoed slaves, magical constructs or menagerie of creatures from faraway lands (Or worlds).

-Slaves are abundant and when not attending their masters’ errands they can be seen begging in the streets en masse when there is no guard patrol around. They are scar-marked, tattooed and (rarely) dressed in the colors and symbols of their masters’ house. Slaves are not allowed to have body or facial hair, and their heads are clean shaven regardless of sex. Giving the slaves pacifying, mild euphoric and hallucinogenic drugs regularly is a common practice, to keep them docile and relatively content. Mage and merchant castes are afraid of another Filth Rebellion.

-Vegetation is aggressive, people are constantly cleaning the buildings from ivy and less travelled streets from weeds.

-Trade is an important part of everyday life.

-The circle is an important symbol here. The city is formed as a ring. Circle form is used in architecture, windows and gates. Drawing a circle with salt on the ground is believed to have many benevolent protective effects (depending on the nature of the salt). Scholarly mages and greater percentage of common folk don’t revere any gods, primordials or religion. Instead they believe in the Great Wheel, where existence is a circle in many aspects and levels. They believe in reincarnation; what was, will be again.


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