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Cor Imperium – Heart of the Empire
Samparidia, Empire Eternal
- Sampargopolis
- Ceoria
- Thar Halen
- Temporys
Askandoth, Sea Kings and ancient mariners
- M’letheros
- Seawall
Gothmenes, Memento Mori
- Te’ar
- Voivodjom
Diomedia, Cosmopolitan city states of merchants and mages
- Doma
Ches, Barbarians and untamed wilds

Old Empires
Ra’al, Wastelands of the Artificers
Dham’sharra, Theocracy of insects
Aoliphax, When giants ruled the world
Reptile Kingdoms, Scaled masters of the world before men

Elven Courts; Remnants of the Fae
Arvandor, Court of Spring
Elda’ar, Court of Summer
Everadia, Court of Fall
Nargomne, Court of Winter

Dwarven Nations; Exodites of The Hollow
Thulgaard, The walking mountain
Kharanast, The drill city

The Seas
Elder Sea, also, New Sea, Imperial Sea, or just “The Sea”
The Archipelago
Coral Sea
Relentless Ocean
Purple Sea

Points of Interest
Black Curtain
Nowhere and World’s End
The Hollow
Sea of Grass
Falx Pandemonis
Nuomonidan Abyss
Kraken’s Sargasso
Grand Necropolis
Plain of Jars
Diluvian Maze
Pit of Ra’al
Gods’ Road

Organizations & Secret Societies
The Ferrymen
Crimson Vigil
Cartographers’ League
The Quiet

Gods, Divine Entities, Outsiders
Sampar, The One God
Ikonos, The Blue Angel
Primordials, The Incorrect
Masked Wanderer, Herald of Primordials
Shar Katlen, The Crone
Harkonnu, The Black Goat
Non’z, The Devourer of Worlds
The Milliner, The Chimera Lord

Bestiary (Entries marked with “*” are GM only, revealed as encountered in play)
Carnivorous Warhorse
Dark Clay

Ardacc Iron

Main Page

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