-Westernmost city of Askandoth, near Relentless Ocean. End of the known world, a city of sailors, explorers, adventurers. And whalers.

-The city is built on a thin and long island, which stands like a giant wall coming out of the ocean. Very steep, vertical settlement. Western side of the island is covered by the city, eastern side is an uninhabited wild, vertical forest.

-Whaling is the primary occupation of the folk. About 25 years ago an epidemic hit the Empire lands, and the cure was derived from a blubber of specific species of whales in Relenteless Ocean. Several families made fortunes from whale fat.

-Body of a hunted whale is completely processed and used, most parts as food and delicacy, some organs and blubber as medicine, and bones for mystic purposes.

-During the hunting season (Late spring, early summer) the city reeks of blood and carcass of slaughtered whales.


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