Inspiration & Esthetic: Nordic – Celt Brythannia

- Wild and beautiful lands of free barbarian people. Cold highlands, foggy moors and frosty mountains rising to the North, eventually descending to fjords on the shores of the Purple Sea.

- The Empire’s hold on these lands were never strong. Barbarian clans always caused trouble; a wild beast who could never be tamed.

- Here, people remember the old ways. Druidic faith is strong and acting openly, not hiding like the ones hiding in the wilds of the Empire.

- Displaying strength is a major part of culture, both in micro and macro scale. About every 10 years, barbarian clans unite, forming a horde and descend to southern lands, eventually to be stopped by empire and dwarven armies. Sometimes the horde moves east or north, fighting Orcs and other demihumans away from the civilized lands.


Samparidia, The Fallen Empire WilloWisp