-Strong, smart, beautiful high elves. White, blue, rarely turquoise hair, pale complexion and eyes like liquid silver, gold or emerald.

-Xenophobic and maybe slightly insane from very long lives and inbreeding.

-Soulless emotionless sadists. Decadent hedonists and insolent narcissists.

-A civilization of entomophiles; insects are revered, adored, worshipped, used for riding and as pack beasts. Their chitin is used for armor and decoration, mandibles and claws used as weapons. Entomorphic motiffs and patterns are used in architecture.

-Squishing a bug is anathema.

-Empire made of mostly forestlands, neat and cultivated with magic, like a grand arboretum. Cities would remind Art Nouveau; slender and artistic with curves and circles in elaborate masonry and wood warped just like forged iron – but never, ever the real dreaded iron. It would be perfect, if insects of all kinds and sizes were not crawling and hanging and jumping everywhere.

-Vast wetlands in the middle of the elven empire breed insects of all kinds, also a small nation of alien thri-kreen, who are respected by Elda’ar.

-Slavery in eldaar: magnificient chariots driven by painted & tatooed slaves. Throats cut by eloaborate incissions to make interesting death wails. Slaves are always other Eldaar elves, no other being is good enough to be slaves for them, not even other elves.


Samparidia, The Fallen Empire WilloWisp