-Cult-ish organization of chroniclers in The Athenaeum; Sampargos library. The Athenaeum is an old maze like building, probably older than Empire and the city, dating back to old settlement that was in the place of the capitol. Omniscia are information brokers and knowledge hoarders. It is said that more knowledge is stored in Athenaeum’s underground archieves than forgotten by the people of the world many times over.

-Sages are primary ruling members, there is a small order of monks with odd habits protecting the organization, and a small army of servants and slaves running the daily errands.

-Sages themselves are blobish, morbid obese people, like a giant human-mollusk hybrid. They are constantly reading and memorizing, eating in excess, getting high on phantasm, and indulging in their other perversive desires. Their memories and intelligence is phenomenal, seems like a sage never forgets anything, ever. Each sage is settled in a grand hall with bookshelves full of tomes in the fields of interest of that particular sage, and servants/slaves running their every need. Some insist they are not human, but something else, last remaining members of an extinct race.

-Omniscia never shares what they know for free. Usually sending clients to quests for new (old) resources of lore before sharing the information they seek in the first place.


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