-City of statues, villas, baths, fountains, aquaducts, arches, mosaics and frescos. Labyrinthine slums with narrow cul-de-sacs. Rich hillside neighborhoods with grand villas and palaces, colonnade lined streets and rusty iron statues on high columns protected from thievery by priestly enchantments.

-Decay and lost glory is the mood of the city. Heavy stonework is chipped and cracked, forged iron, a common architectural element in the city, is rusty and decaying.

-Huge statues of old emperors made of iron, reddish black with rust.

-Not a flat city but soft hills and slopes, also a volcanic hill.

-Population is mostly human, settled nonhumans are very few, mostly in The Carrion. It was not always so.

-Huge amphitheatre, said to be older than the city; a forum eternal. Looks like constructed for an audiance of giants.

-Monasteries, several monk orders (The flagellants, The Immolated near the crater, The Nihilists, The Hibernators, The Paupers, etc.).

-Beggars with a king. Army of beggars. Also, the court of beggars operates as a thieves guild.

-The Basilica, a sprawling temple complex. As the empire conquered new lands, the church of Sampar consumed local religions and their temples were moved to the capital. This colossal temple is constructed from building blocks of myriad temples and places of worship. It was bigger, part of it was destroyed by the volcano.

-Cerulean Agora, in front of the basilica. A colossal statue of angel Ikonos in the center, carved from a blue monolithic regenerating living stone, stonemasons are continuously working, a work in progress for ever.

-A ~100 year old volcano, called Samparbane. Its fire is purplish blue and cold, but burns the flesh nevertheless. Kept dormant by “Sleepers”, geomancer wizards from the south keeping the lava in check. The volcano rose from the energies unleashed by a powerful summoning ritual; as a banished scion prince, Nikolos, tried to summon a being of tremendous power to world. The casting was interrupted and the ritual was not completed. Destroyed almost one-third of the city.

-Athenaeum, the great library. Morbid obese sages reading and studying all day every day, for years without moving an inch. Incredible memory, like human computers.

-Embassies from Askandoth (The Onnery), Diomedia (the Crooked Tower) and Gothmenes (House of Sighing Lanterns).

-The Carrion: Vast neighborhood around the crater, part of town for drug users, marginals, artists and spellcasters of all kinds. Narrow mazelike streets winding forever, crooked old stone houses. Once the respectful old settlement, now the dangerous part of town. Ruled by criminal guilds.

-Phantasm, an euphoric hallucinogen drug made from phosporescent fungi growing around the volcano. Rumored to start murder spree, increase suicide tendencies, and show precognitive dreams when overdosed, just before imbiber’s death.

-The Harbor :Slave market; a muddy colliseum – mostly run by Diomedian/Askandothian seafaring slavers. Slaves are criminals, prisoners of war from foreign lands and naval battles, primitives from darklands south of Diomedia and occasional nonhumans.


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