Inspiration and Esthetic: Byzantine and Antique Greek in Sampargopolis and shores of Elder Sea, Medieval European in vassal kingdoms inland.

-The self-proclaimed Eternal Empire of Man, found by humans who travelled beyond the Black Curtain.The chronicles name these race Ardaccans. Once very rich and powerful, now a flicker of her former glory remains. (There are other empires in the known world, however the humans and nonhumans of today mean Samparidia when they say “Empire” in this part of the world. Others are called “Old Empires”, since they are assumed to precede Samparidia.)

-The Empire is older than 2 millenia, and used to cover all of Askandoth, Gothmenes, Diomedia and southwestern Ches at the peak of her glory.

-Theocratic and militaristic nation with an elected emperor. Scion families (13 families active in the Samparidian Senate) elect the emperor.

-The One God, Sampar is officially revered. Other faiths are considered heresy and anathema. The Inquisition is viciously active.

-Magic is strictly policed and controlled by the state, unofficial users of magic are considered heretics, witches and demonologists, hunted and burned. Royal Wizards are only official magic users.

-The Sigil of the empire is the Iron Dragon. Conqueror emperors of the old were used to be called Iron Dragons.

-The current lands of the empire are divided into several Vassal Kingdoms; realms with different culture and geography. These are:
Ceoria, Temporys, Nodragaard, Everadia.

-The capitol of the empire is Sampargopolis. A very old city, built on ruins and remains of an older settlement.

-Impareon: a general of Samparidian Empire, highest military rank

-Draconis Ferra: “Iron dragons”, heavy infantry of empire, wielding two-handed swords and wearing very light or no armor.

-Relic Plate: ancient full plate armors of heroes of the empire, with magical properties, fabrication technique forgotten. Usually crafted with Ardacc Iron, material rumored to be brought beyond the Black Curtain. A very few sets remain. Usually owned by old families with militaristic tradition.


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