-This wet city is settled in a natural harbor and crisscrossed with network of canals. A decaying and sinking stone city, decorated with artworks and symbolism of death. Gondolas are slowling transversing the waterways like grand coffins.

-The city folk dress in black and shades of grey. Those who can afford add silver or rarely gold accessories. Only in one of the four Carnivals, people dress colorful and wear elaborate and exaggerated masks.

-Ruled by a strong and strange family since anyone can remember; they are exceptionally rich and rumored to be dabbling in necromancy, and worse. They are strong enough to hold the city against the agents of vampiric aristocracy of eastern Gothmenes, so the residents are content.

-Theatre is a common entertainment for the locals, tragedias are favored.

-Also, puppet theatre is a common sight in the streets.


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